Blackstar Services

Your trusted recycling, reselling and remarketing partner for retired and surplus physical assets. 

Getting started in online sales can be a daunting proposition, so let Blackstar Assets do the heavy lifting for you. With over 50+ years combined experience in eCommerce, our professional services have created millions in revenue for our clients through our online channels. 

  • Through our consignment partnerships, our clients have turned obsolete, retired and surplus inventory and equipment into budget saving cash streams. While other companies will charge a business a fee to remove and recycle end of life equipment, Blackstar Assets remarkets these goods and pays YOU!  We redeploy your end of life assets back into the marketplace so they can continue provide value to the new end user and cash to our clients. Consider Blackstar Assets as an alternative to recycling. 
  • Our 3rd party eCommerce development services are geared towards clients who have a desire to build an in-house online sales strategy. Through our experience and expertise, we offer both consultation services and long term development agreements to successfully build out our client's eCommerce presence. 
  • Blackstar Assets also offer innovative fundraising solutions through our partnerships with Charitable Non-Profits. Most Non-Profit Organizations rely greatly on the charitable monetary donations they receive from their donors. Blackstar Assets allows those donors to support their Non-Profit of choice through the donation and sale of any item of value, with the organization receiving a direct payment from the sale.
  • We also offer our specialized services for Estates and Private Collections of significant value. Local Estate sales and Auctions almost always leave money on the table for the property owners. Blackstar Assets take a longer term approach to market items on the global online marketplace and can significantly increase the returns when compared to local sale or auction. 

Contact us today for a custom solution!


Contact us today for a custom solution!

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