WORX WO7049 Sidekick Portable Work Table Compact Circular Saw-WX066

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Worx Sidekick Portable Work Table

This compact, lightweight yet extremely sturdy table has a detachable tabletop design that offers maximum versatility and portability to create a workstation – or craft table, or serving table, or garden table, or… you get the idea – wherever you need it. The sidekick is easy to set up with a durable metal leg stand that quickly locks into place and supports up to 300 lbs., ideal for any workshop project you can think of. The metal leg stand will not slip on hard surfaces or sink into soft ground. Speaking of the metal leg stand, the collapsible leg stand is easily detached and collapsed into an easy-to-transport option that stores neatly and conveniently inside of the tabletop which folds in half to serve as a handy carrier for the leg stand. Once the legs are removed, the 24 In. x 24 In. tabletop can be used separately for a wide variety of uses inside your home or out, like craft table, snack table, game room table and more. The sidekick is an affordable and convenient option for DIY projects from sawing and sanding to sewing and staining – no need for a bulky, permanent work table that takes up valuable space in your workshop or bonus room. The sidekick is sold with four clamp dogs included; these clamp dogs can be used with or without the tabletop and offer multiple placement options to secure your project materials on the work surface while keeping your hands free to create. The sidekick also includes two link locks which can be used to connect multiple sidekicks, using the unique side dovetail design, and expand your work surface as needed. Another innovative feature is that the sidekick’s working height of 32 In. is identical to that of other popular Worx work support products – like the Pegasus and the clamping sawhorse – so the link locks enable these great products to connect to the sidekick as well, for increased flexibility and convenience when working on.