Braun IRT3030US ThermoScan 3 Ear Thermometer

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Braun ThermoScan3 Ear Thermometer. With an overall compact design, the Braun ThermoScan3 Ear Thermometer is easy to use, convenient and gentle. It is the thermometer brand most used by pediatricians. Included are 21 disposable lens filters, one 3 volt lithium battery and a protective cap. The Audio Temperature Indicator beeps once for a normal temperature, twice for an elevated reading and four times for a high temperature. It has a modern, ergonomic Braun design and features a child safey battery door and a new tip design for easier cleaning. 1) One second reading with a beep confirming the end of the reading, 2) Memory recalls the last reading, 3) Lens filter detector helps ensure proper use, 4) Professional accuracy. White.